LTI Atlanta aviation solutions include PTFE micro vents for LED and electronic device protection. Exterior aircraft illumination and runway/landing strip markers are among the typical applications that require PTFE-based protection.

High-altitude containers used in the aviation industry are regulated to conform to certain standards. For safety reasons, they must be able to equalize pressure. Without pressure equalization, the container would fail.

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Applications include:

  • Aircraft exterior markers and illumination
  • Runway/landing strip markers and warnings
  • Beacons, strobes
  • Cargo loading area lighting
  • Equipment case pressure venting
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LTI Atlanta PTFE micro venting advantages:

  • High-performance PTFE protection
  • Condensation control and fast vapor transmission
  • Contaminate filtration. Blocks debris and particulates.
  • PTFE vents help aviation electronics in withstanding the rigors of repeated expanding and contracting during flights.
  • Pressure equalization. Prevent gasket and seal failure.
  • High airflow. Increased breathability for reliable device protection.
  • All-Weather application. Designed to perform in harsh climates.