LED Lighting Enclosures & Housings

LTI Atlanta PTFE micro venting products provide barrier protection against the elements and quick heat dissipation in lighting enclosures to provide greater reliability and long-term performance.

LED Lighting Enclosures

Applications include:

  • Street lamps
  • Aircraft lighting
  • Highway/roadway signaling
  • Emergency/warning lighting and beacons
  • Marine and aviation markers
  • Dock/port lighting
LED Lighting Enclosures

LTI Atlanta venting advantages:

  • High-performance PTFE protection
  • Condensation control and fast vapor transmission
  • Contaminate filtration. Block debris and particulates.
  • Heat dissipation. Protect vital circuitry from high temperatures.
  • Pressure equalization. Prevent gasket and seal failure.
  • High airflow. Increased breathability for reliable device protection.
  • All-Weather application. Designed to perform in harsh climates.