Electronic Devices & Systems

Electronic devices and systems require micro filter venting to dissipate heat and protect circuitry from the elements. These are critical in device performance and lifespan.

LTI Atlanta engineers can assist in providing a proper venting solution at the appropriate pore size to ensure that your application is protected for many years to come. Protect your investment with LTI Atlanta electronic micro filter vents.

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Typical electronic applications include:

  • Solar lighting
  • Telecommunication towers
  • Surveillance systems
  • Interstate and highway markers
  • Marine safety devices
  • Computer/disk drives
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LTI Atlanta micro filter venting advantages:

  • High-performance PTFE protection
  • Condensation control and fast vapor transmission
  • Contaminate filtration. Block debris and particulates.
  • Heat dissipation. Protect vital circuitry from high temperatures.
  • Pressure equalization. Prevent gasket and seal failure.
  • High airflow. Increased breathability for reliable device protection.
  • All-Weather application. Designed to perform in harsh climates.