Marine environments present the most demanding conditions for the electronics associated with them.
LTI Atlanta’s PTFE micro filter venting solutions provide protection for marine electronics and devices. Hydrophobic and oleophobic protection is a must in these conditions and LTI Atlanta can ensure that salt air and water do not affect the lifespan of these devices.

Marine Suwanee

Typical marine applications include:

  • Beacons
  • Sensors
  • LED lighting
  • Emergency strobes
  • Personal location beacons
  • GPS/navigation systems
Marine Atlanta

LTI Atlanta PTFE micro filter venting advantages:

  • High-performance PTFE protection
  • Condensation control through high airflow
  • Contaminate filtration of debris and other particulates
  • Rapid heat dissipation. Protects circuitry.
  • Pressure equalization and protection from harsh marine climates and conditions.
  • Ease of use. Hand applied or automated.
  • Cost savings