Medical Device Venting

Medical devices have become increasingly complex and require proper venting and pressure equalization to perform at peak levels. LTI Atlanta protective vents are cost-effective and easy to apply, which allow medical device manufacturers to increase the life of their components while lowering warranty returns.

Medical Device Venting Duluth

Applications include:

  • Glucose monitors
  • Holter monitors
  • Pacemakers
  • Other waterproof handheld electronics
Medical Device Venting Atlanta

LTI Atlanta PTFE micro filter venting advantages:

  • High-performance PTFE protection
  • Condensation control and fast vapor transmission
  • Contaminate filtration. Block debris and particulates.
  • Heat dissipation. Protect vital circuitry from high temperatures.
  • Pressure equalization. Prevent gasket and seal failure.
  • High airflow. Increased breathability for reliable device protection.