Consumer Electronics

Today’s consumers rely on and expect their personal and business electronics to work — regardless of the conditions they are subjected to. In some cases, the function of these devices can be a matter of life and death. Whether it is IP6X/9X water-intrusion requirements or just general splash protection, LTI Atlanta electronic micro filter solutions can provide reliable performance and protection for these devices.

Consumer Electronics Duluth

Typical consumer electronic applications include:

  • Cell phones
  • GPS devices
  • Digital cameras
  • Mobile scanners
  • Two-way radios
Consumer Electronics Atlanta

LTI Atlanta micro filter venting advantages:

  • High-performance PTFE protection
  • Condensation control and fast vapor transmission
  • Contaminate filtration. Block debris and particulates.
  • Heat dissipation. Protect vital circuitry from high temperatures.
  • Pressure equalization. Prevent gasket and seal failure.
  • High airflow. Increased breathability for reliable device protection.
  • All-Weather application. Designed to perform in harsh climates.